Tennessee has been recording data regarding traffic crashes and DUIs throughout the state, particularly focusing on Memorial Day weekend. A report from June 3 shows that there was a drop in traffic collisions over the busy holiday weekend in 2020 when compared to 2019. However, there was an increase in DUI citations, according to the data. 

The data, which was collected between May 23 and May 25 in 2020 shows that the Tri-Cities region had a decrease in total crashes. Overall, they had dropped by 66%. Citations for driving under the influence were up, though, with eight in 2020 and only 5 in 2019. 

It’s important to take steps to avoid getting a DUI, because a conviction can have a significant impact on your finances and life now and in the future. A DUI could impact your ability to drive or keep your license. It could cost you thousands of dollars and impact your ability to get insurance.

If you are accused of a DUI, one of the things you can do is simply stay quiet until you speak with your attorney. Taking steps like providing your insurance information and license to the officer is fine, but you don’t have any obligation to say anything that would imply that you are intoxicated. Keep in mind that you do need to take a Breathalyzer test if asked, or you may lose your license immediately. 

If you have been accused of a DUI, it’s a good idea to start working on a defense. Our website has more information on what you need to do to protect your right to drive and avoid harsh penalties.