Disagreements in your marriage can lead to divorce, but there is one thing you agree on: selling your marital home.

Still, some disagreements could arise as you go through the process of listing your home in Tennessee. Here are some tips from real estate professionals to make the home sale as problem-free as possible.

Start by enlisting the assistance of a real estate agent who is experienced in working with couples who have broken up. In this instance, the agent needs to have not only stellar real estate skills but the ability to mediate if the situation gets tense between the soon-to-be exes.

From there, it’s up to both of you to work with the agency to come up with a price and a scheduling strategy. Will either spouse remain living in the home? Does the spouse who has moved out want to hear about every appointment to show the home, or are they OK with the big picture instead of the fine details? Will you split any costs for repairs or cleaning? And what is your bottom line? What is the lowest offer that you will accept to sell the property?

It’s advisable for one party to stay in the home while it’s for sale. Real estate agents caution that an empty house is less likely to sell quickly; prospective buyers want to envision what it would be like to live in the home. If both of you move out, agents suggest paying to have the house staged, though that can be a pricey proposition.

Divorce is emotional and selling your home can be tough. You made memories there and envisioned building a long life in that house. By surrounding yourself with a great team – your real estate agent, your divorce attorney and your support system of friends and family – you will get through the home sale just fine.