Car crashes are known to cause any number of injuries, and it’s hard to tell just how bad off someone is at the scene. Drivers and passengers involved in crashes are filled with adrenaline after being hit and thrown around their vehicles. This causes the body to ignore the pain and mask injuries so that the person has a better chance of fighting or fleeing whatever danger they are in. This fight-or-flight response is good in some respects, but it can seriously hinder a person’s understanding of their injuries.

Take for example a person who has suffered a head injury. They may initially not think that they have anything wrong. They could speak clearly to others and even call 911 for help. Then, as the swelling and inflammation begin, the injury could worsen. They may quickly lose the ability to speak. They could find themselves in pain. Some people could pass out or go into a coma.

Delayed injuries are commonplace in collisions, which is why it’s important to seek medical care any time you’ve been involved in a crash. Though you may not recognize that you have an injury right now, your condition could worsen unexpectedly. It’s important that you seek a medical exam and get good care, so that you can know how serious your injuries really are and start on the path to recovery with the support of your medical team. 

It’s smart to go to the emergency room after a crash, even if you feel fine. This will start a paper trail for the purpose of making an insurance claim, and it will also make sure that you get the examination that you need to identify any injuries that you’ve suffered.