The road presents serious risks even at the best of times. People die in car accidents every single day, and none of them expect it in advance. It’s something you just have to accept if you’re going to drive, and most people do.

Even so, you know that you face increased risks around drunk drivers. They make far more mistakes than sober drivers, and all it takes is one mistake for you to get injured. How can you spot these drivers so that you can avoid them? Just look for some of these driving errors:

  • Driving in the wrong lane
  • Weaving in the correct lane
  • Stopping quickly
  • Accelerating quickly
  • Turning without a blinker
  • Illegally turning where it is not permitted
  • Not driving when the light turns green
  • Driving on the shoulder
  • Driving on the centerline
  • Making wide, sweeping turns
  • Almost crashing into cars or stationary objects
  • Not using headlights when they’re needed

Drunk drivers are not always easy to spot, and there are also cases where sober drivers will make these same mistakes — such as an elderly driver who gets confused and starts going the wrong way on a one-way road. However, these signs should still act as red flags that tell you something isn’t right.

What should do? First and foremost, keep your distance. If you can do so safely, gather some identifying information about the car and call the police. Do not attempt to stop the car or anything of that nature.

Even knowing what to watch out for doesn’t mean you can always avoid impaired drivers, and you need to know how to seek compensation after suffering injuries in a crash.