Have you ever heard people talk about how young marriages are especially risky? If someone gets married at 18 or 20, friends may not say anything to the young couple, but they may share some concerned glances that say plenty about their expectations.

The truth is that young marriages do end in divorce much of the time. For example, one study claimed that a person who got married at 20 was 50% more likely to eventually get divorced than someone who waited until they were 25.

Why is this? Of course, every case is different, but some of it just has to with being young. Many young couples who are dating deal with things like insecurity, jealousy and emotional instability. It’s just part of growing up. They break up and learn from these relationships, making a future marriage stronger. If they get married, rather than just dating, that breakup becomes a divorce.

Another potential issue is that marriage really is harder when you’re young. A lot of people are not financially stable at 18. They don’t have careers. They don’t own homes. They’ve never made a budget. To suddenly expect to jump into an independent relationship is just not always realistic. They face hardships and struggles that they wouldn’t have faced if they got married from 25 to 30.

Naturally, age isn’t the only thing that predicts divorce. Many relationships end; it’s just the reality of marriage in the 21st century. If you find yourself facing divorce for any reason, and at any age, make sure you are well aware of the legal rights you have.