You were traveling to work when a car ran a red light and T-boned the passenger side of your vehicle. You were then pushed into the path of oncoming traffic, leading to a second collision that caused a much more damaging impact than the first.

You’ve been hospitalized for a few days and are fortunate to be alive. You just want to make sure that you can take care of yourself and that your family will be supported while you recover.

It’s time to make a personal injury claim

If you’ve been hurt by another driver’s actions, it’s time to look into filing a personal injury claim. Such claims can help you seek compensation for everything you’ve been through. It’s a good way to seek some financial support while you recover.

What do you need to initiate a personal injury claim?

If you want to file a personal injury claim, you or your attorney will need to:

  • Gather evidence. For example, you’ll need to take photographs and videos of the scene of the accident, your own injuries and anything else that may be helpful to the case.
  • Get a copy of the police report. This is one of the most useful documents in any personal injury claim.
  • Gather witness statements. Speak with any witnesses to get more information about what they saw happen. Ask to record their observations or have them write them down.
  • Keep track of your finances. You should keep receipts for medical bills, lost wages, hospital visits and any other expenses related to your accident.
  • Make notification. Tell the parties involved that you do plan to file a claim.
  • Document every interaction. Take notes when speaking with the other party involved in the claim.

With the right evidence and supporting documents, it will be easier to open your claim and work toward a resolution. Your attorney will work with you to build a strong case.