People deserve to feel safe at work. Sadly, when employees get subjected to bullying in the office, it can have a detrimental impact on their morale and productivity.

Employers have a legal duty of care to make sure employees are free from degrading and disruptive behavior of any kind. Sadly, not every supervisor will take time to address the matter.

What does a workplace bully look like?

Some may think bullying only happens in grade school; however, it can happen at work too. Typically, the workplace bully makes their coworkers feel intimidated by yelling at them or insulting them. In other instances, they may talk over their victims at meetings, take credit for their ideas and even gossip about them to other colleagues or their superiors.

How can victims deal with workplace bullies?

Dealing with a bully can be frightening. While victims may feel intimidated and even emotional when speaking with them, they must maintain a strong and professional front. Here are a few tips victims can utilize:

  • Describe the behavior to the bully that makes them upset.
  • Explain to the bully how their behavior impacts the victim’s and other people’s work.
  • Tell the bully how one wishes to be treated in the future.
  • Assertively confront the bully if their behavior persists after the initial conversation.

Employees deserve a safe and productive environment

Dealing with workplace bullying can be demoralizing. If the behavior persists and supervisors aren’t taking any action, victims may want to seek legal counsel. An experienced employment law attorney can help answer any questions or address any concerns their clients may have.